Pump/Power Division

tl-pivot-pumpBurgett Irrigation's goal is to design sprinkler systems that make our farmer customers happy - and that also increase their yields and net income. The T-L Pump, Power & Engineering Division was established in the fall of 2003. The T-L Pump, Power and Engineering Division's purpose is to stock and have readily available for shipment to Burgett Irrigation, John Deere and Cummins engines, Cornell and Berkeley centrifugal pumps, self-cleaning suction screens, suction filters, and a complete line of fittings. But, perhaps even more important to farmers, is how the division complements the complete line of T-L center pivot irrigation equipment. For instance, an entire combo "package" of sprinkler, engine, and pump that are known to work both reliably and well together under varying conditions can be provided for new installations. An added benefit is that the farmer saves shipping costs if, for example, an engine accompanies his new sprinkler system being sent out from the factory, that saves him the typical hefty $500 to $800 freight charge for shipping an irrigation engine by itself. T-L’s pump division works with Burgett Irrigation in designing the most effective and efficient pivot system installation that’s possible for a certain situation. We like to start working at ground zero. We'll go where the water is and calculate how much is available. Once we have the water supply pegged, we proceed to designing the delivery system in order to exactly provide the required pressure and gallonage for the sprinkler. This includes determining the proper horsepower required to do the job. Some of the division's projects also involve diagnosing why a pre-existing pump, engine, and pipe setup isn't doing the job it's supposed to. When we trace it back we usually find that a redesign is needed. This may involve replacing the engine, pump, pipes, or perhaps a combination of changes. The result is an installation that takes advantage of the best that a T-L pivot irrigation system can provide.